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Wordpress Training

Wordpress is great tool for creating websites for any kind of business or industry. We cover everything from creating a brand new website from scratch, basic editing & adding functionality through to more advanced PHP, plugin creation & maintaining your website once it’s online.

We can teach you to build & manage a website for your business, sell online, run a blog & fully customise & understand how your website works. You don’t need any Wordpress experience and can accommodate complete beginners through to intermediate & advanced lessons.

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Here's an outline of some of the things we can cover in our Wordpress training

Getting started

Make a start & begin designing your website

MySQL Databases

Understanding database basics & PHPMyAdmin


Overview of the interface and the dashboard

Structure & Files

How Wordpress works & the structure of pages


Using plugins effectively & learning tips & trick


Installing themes & getting the most from your site


We can answer all your Wordpress questions


The best practises for keeping your site up to date

• Review of WordPress

Setting up WordPress
• Install MAMP (Web Server) for Mac and WAMP for PC
• Overview of PHPMyAdmin, why you need it, how it differs to static pages
• Create a MySQL database
• Install WordPress

Overview of the Interface
• Overview of the interface and the dashboard
• Adding users
• Assigning different user roles
• Setting up reading options – the homepage and how posts work
• Creating, adding, updating and assigning menus
• Creating SEO friendly URLs

Introducing the Template File Structure
• Overview and explanation about how WordPress pages are structured
• How a theme is structured
• Breaking up the HTML
• Building the sidebar
• Creating a custom home page
• Introducing custom fields

Working with Themes
• Installing a theme
• Adding a theme to your website
• Where is the theme located
• The difference between a theme and a template and what you need to edit
• Compulsory changes to the CSS in order to make themes work
• Activating & deactivating themes

Working with Templates
• Targeting and identifying which templates update which sections
• Compulsory template pages
• Compulsory CSS files
• Creating a new template page and the basics required on the page
• Editing themes through the editor view in WordPress
• Overview of how PHP is coded for WordPress
• Overview of PHP functions required for WordPress
• Creating your own WordPress template page

Working with Plugins
• Installing plugins
• Choosing the right plugin
• How keep plugins maintained
• The difference between plugins

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