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Adobe Illustrator Training

Adobe Illustrator is the go to software for creating vector graphics, professional designs & illustrations. We cover drawing & text controls, creating & adjusting complex shapes, using strokes, effects & saving artwork for print & web.

Learn how to build your confidence in Illustrator and learn basics through to advanced techniques. We can discover how to create designs & artwork from a blank page or edit and save existing artwork. Increase productivity and be more creative when using the options in Illustrator.

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Here's an outline of some of the things we can cover in Adobe Illustrator

Create Vectors

Design custom vector artwork & edit everything

Shapes & Paths

Combine, fill, edit & manage shapes & paths in your designs

Manage colours

Use colours correctly & use colour guides & themes

FIle Formats

Understand file formats & what to use them for


Improve your workflow & discover shortcuts with tips & tricks

Combine Software

Learn to use illustrator alongside the Adobe Suite

Exporting & Printing

Clean up your files & save them print ready

Optimising for Web

Saving for the web & choosing the correct options

Getting started in Illustrator
• Opening illustrations
• Creating new documents
• Using document profiles
• Saving Illustrator files
• Exploring panels and workspaces
• Useful shortcuts

Drawing and Path editing
• Drawing complex bezier shapes
• Setting anchor points and handle display preferences
• Using the Control Panel to edit paths
• Outlining strokes

Managing colours efficiently
• Use of colour
• Editing colours using menu commands
• Extracting colours from artwork
• Using the Color Guide panel
• Using the Color Theme panel
• Creating ASE Swatch libraries

Appearances and effects
• Document Raster Effects settings
• Applying resolution independent raster effects
• Targeting object attributes
• Adding multiple attributes to a single object
• Manipulating the appearance stacking order
• Applying Live Effects
• Editing Live Effects
• Expanding Appearances and Artwork

Using Clipping Masks
• Working with clipping masks
• Modifying clipping masks

Complex painting techniques
• Painting with the Paintbrush
• Using the Bristle brush
• Setting Bristle brush characteristics
• Painting with Images in Brushes

Using Image Trace
• Automatically tracing artwork
• Converting Image Trace objects

Working with type
• Using type tools
• The Touch Type tool
• Using the Character and Paragraph panel
• Creating outlines from text
• Creating type on a path

Working with layers
• Creating layers
• Using layers effectively

Compound Shapes and paths
• Using Shape Builder to combine, edit and fill shapes
• Creating shapes with Pathfinder options

Working with Symbols
• Creating and editing symbols
• Managing symbols
• Creating symbol libraries
• Updating symbols

Manipulating type and objects with Envelope distortions
• Understanding Envelope Options
• Uses and limitations of Envelope Distort
• Applying Warp, Mesh and Top Object distortions
• Editing Envelope distortions
• Releasing and expanding distortions

Creating Transparent art
• Displaying transparency
• Applying transparency to attributes, objects, groups and layers
• Working with opacity masks
• Adding texture using Opacity Masks
• Using blending modes
• Guidelines for successful output

Creating Patterns
• Working with the Pattern Options panel
• Creating symmetrical patterns
• Creating asymmetrical patterns
• Saving pattern swatches

Working in 3D
• Creating custom 3D shapes
• Creating 3D type
• Using lighting effects
• Mapping symbols onto surfaces

Creating high resolution PDFs
• Creating PDFs
• Global PDF export options

Exporting and printing
• Cleaning up your files
• Advanced printing concerns

 Organising your artwork
• Introducing multiple artboards
• Editing the artboard size
• Using guides and smart guides
• Aligning and distributing artwork

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